Who are we?

We are a couple of entrepreneurs who have this project as a follow-up and evolution of others. We want to be contributing to the expression and growth of the human being, from presence and love.
Here we give you four lines from our background so that you know us a little bit…

We give you four lines from our background so that you know us a little bit…

My journey is very multifaceted and diverse.

Born in Huesca, north Spain. I have studied, lived and worked in different places in the Iberian Peninsula, from Barcelona to the north of Spain and in Portugal, dedicating myself to different projects in body and soul.

I have a diploma in Advertising and Business Communication and after working for a few years in this guild as an account manager, from graphic advertising to Internet and NGO, in 2004 I decided to take a turn of 180 in my life and I started everything to make the pilgrimage path of Santiago from Barcelona to Finisterre and I think i didn't stop since, so far.

I am trained in Kundalini Yoga with Hargobind Singh Khalsa in Barcelona, Dietetics and Phytotherapy at ISMET in Barcelona, Sacred Geometry with Arturo Ponce and Ninon Fregoso of Psychogeometry of Mexico, Bioconstruction and Permaculture with André Soares of IPEC in Brasil.
Among other things, I have been the coordinator of the Karavan pilgrim project, collaborator and assistant of Prem Rupa making Family Constellations in San Sebastián, collaborator and 'man of the fire' for Satya in his shamanic retreats in Portugal, collaborator of the sculptor and artist Carlos Armiño in a production of macro-sculptures in Burgos.
I am a student and builder of the classic or Cretan 7-turn maze. I have worked and am a professional in arboriculture and forestry, and in construction, labor, as they say.

Before I get involved into the evolution of this Holistic project, life led me experience to what I considered the definitive community: the Boom Festival, in Portugal. There I was focused on the idealization, creation and construction of two of its main areas, Sacred Fire and Being Fields, and on the coordination and dynamization of its construction, set-up, gardening and artist teams and I was, as organizer also, of a smaller event, but no less intense and beautiful as the Being Gathering.

I have been editor since 2005 of the knowledge to share website: absolum.org

I am a cook by vocation and in our retreats I cook to nourish the body and soul.

I usually live in service as a way of life.


I consider myself a curious and researching person, I like dealing with people and I enjoy taking care of it.

I have a Degree in Chemistry from the UB and a PhD in Biomedicine from the University of Lleida. I have worked for more than ten years in biomedical research in the areas of nutrition and ageing and as a teacher at the University.

I have trained for 6 years in meditation for the My Life Design method with Daniel Lumera. I have been a manager, coordinator and trainer of the My Life Design Foundation in Spain.

Facilitator of meditation techniques. Coordinator of the Flor de la Vida Holistic Centre.

I am currently training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Li Ping School.

You can access to my professional page and learn more about me at albanaudi.com

I consider myself a student in continuous learning…